The hardest 1.5 miles you will ever run!

Erie's OCR Battlegrounds Xtreme Course Map

Xtreme | July 20, 2019

This will be the hardest 1.5 miles you will ever run! In our 2nd race of the summer, you will be competing to complete 1 lap of our obstacle course with 20+ obstacles as fast as you can BUT will also be completing 10 different fitness stations throughout your run. These stations will be "varied functional movements performed at high intensity" derived from weight lifting. Awards will be given to the top 3 male and female competitors.

Xtreme Obstacle List

The Trenches
Don't Get Tired
Totally Tubular
Creek Run
Warped Walls
Rope Climb
Monkey Bars
Berlin Walls
Get Over It
Bucket Carry
Tube Crawl
Sand Bag Carry
Ankle Biter
Roll With It
Barbed Wire Crawl
The Hill
Tire Flip
Tip of the Spear
Bring Down This Wall

Xtreme Fitness Stations

Wall Balls
Overhead Lunges
Box Jumps
DB Thrusters
Battle Ropes
KB Swings
Sledge Hammer
BB Farmer's Carry
Block Drag